Embroidery is very widespread in our life whether it’s a handmade or software made. However when shirt or clothe features a fancy appear ,when base ball has exceptional logo and when the sweater is designed in such a way that its gives dramatic look then all is done with the help of needlework. Inimitable design with beautiful look is usually possible with the machine but it could be made even with the sculpture of hand. There are huge techniques to do embroidery with hands and people have been concerned in handmade embroidery art from centuries in the age of antique Egypt. Many embroidery Methods were used to embellish the hems of royal robes, in ladies clothes during the colonial and Victorian era, in tapestries in the middle age and continued as art form and still people are doing it.

Cross stitch is much admired among the people and it is cousin to hand embroidery. Clothes for patches  is also one of the best types of hand art which are used in making unique embroidery designs similar to the ancient times. Handmade needlework is considered as one of the finest art which is done by hand. It is usually a handiwork of decorating the textiles and others things.

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Embroidery Art in Churches:

Embroidery has been done within the churches to express different ancient things from years. You can find best academies which are engaged with the training of   hand embroidery. Orthodox theological academy is one of the best academy and many graduates who studied in this academy are very imaginative in making unique and striking embroidery designs which give perfect glance of ancient history.

1590 Embroidery design:

1590 embroidery designs is just look like the contemporary Christmas design which is based on history. Many embroidery designs have been taken from the past museums and all the outlines are made like the old cultures.1590 embroidery is a unique work and legitimacy of this design can be checked by mitigate cover embroidery. At the art institute of Chicago original design can be seen there to check out the old patterns which are unique and striking. The bibles which were owned by Queen Elizabeth can be seen at oxford in Bodleian library. The book work which was done on the cover of the bible was really a masterwork. It was very popular in Europe in the fifteen and sixteen centuries. It is assumed that the works which were done on the covers was completed by Queen Elizabeth herself.

Unique embroidery stitches:

There are plenty of stitches you can find in the needle which make your work easier. If you like moiré variation then chain stitch is one of the best designs. Chain stitch is perfect for making stunning and beautiful outline in needle in your work even though this stitch can also be used for filling spaces. Another best stitch for the outlines and filling is a black stitch. There are many stitches are used in embroidery which are even helpful for making the best hand embroidery for priest clothing.